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Pictometry Oblique Imagery

Pictometry Oblique Imagery
Resolution: 6 inch or 1 foot
Band: Natural Color
Format: JPEG
Dates: 2005 - present

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Pictometry images are aerial photographs that are taken at an angle. This means that a feature, such as a house, building, street light, fire hydrant etc. can be seen in its entirety. For instance with Pictometry, you can see the front door of a house, the back door, the windows etc.

Pictometry offers a significant advantage compared to traditional overhead photography by taking previously complex technologies, adding a wealth of new features, and then making it affordable and easy-to-use. The result is a revolutionary way to use aerial imaging that was unheard of just a few years ago.

There are many aspects of Pictometry that are dynamically changing the use of visual information systems and how organizations think about aerial imaging:

  • Georeferenced oblique images – Pictometry has broken new ground on providing metric oblique images that are accurately georeferenced down to the pixel level within the Pictometry Online® software (Tiles are unreferenced).
  • Instant recognition of any location – Because of their oblique nature, Pictometry images do not require advanced photo-interpretation skills in order to recognize features in the image. The data is presented from a view we are all used to seeing. Oblique simply means images were taken at an angle. This provides a vital benefit for first responders as they can more easily and quickly understand the area and surroundings of where they are going.
  • Client image library – Pictometry has created a centralized storage and delivery system that allows all of the images captured to be stored in a central repository and quickly queried at the click of a mouse to find all images that point to a region of interest.
  • Easy and intuitive – Pictometry has been designed to be both powerful and easy to use. With very little training, operators can become immediately productive with Pictometry's measurement tools.
  • Intelligent Images™ – Pictometry’s all-digital, fully georeferenced images include all the data necessary to use the images without any required knowledge of coordinates, datums or projection systems. A user needs only to double click on an image and Pictometry does the rest.
  • High resolution – Pictometry’s digital aerial photos allow viewers to see detailed information of building and land attributes such as doors, windows, number of floors, building composition, roads, trees, and many other neighborhood features, yet they cannot be used to identify people or read license plates.
  • Renewable image libraries – Pictometry’s image libraries are refreshed every two years, or more often if needed, allowing customers to analyze changes that have taken place over time.

Pricing Samples Coverage
Number of Images Price
1 Image $50
2 Images $100
3 Image $150
4 Image $200
5 Image $250
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