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Landiscor Aerial Imagery

Landiscor Aerial Imagery
Resolution: 30 cm - 50 cm
Band: Natural Color
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Dates: 2008 - Present

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Landiscor Aerial Imagery

Landiscor’s Aerial imagery is a high quality recent imagery set that includes coverage for several major US metropolitan areas. All the flights were performed during ideal leaf-off conditions for the local area and have been blended and orthorectified for increased accuracy.

The areas that are currently included are the Northern Front range of Colorado including Denver and Colorado Springs; Prescott-Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson, AZ; Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth in Texas; Chicago, IL; Pittsburgh, PA; Atlanta, GA; Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando in FL; Boise, ID; Las Vegas, NV; and Northern Ban Bernardino County, Los Angeles-Orange Counties, the Inland Empire, San Diego West and Coachella Valley in CA.

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