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DigitalGlobe Precision Aerial Imagery

DigitalGlobe Precision Aerial Imagery
Resolution: 30 cm
Bands: Color, CIR (60cm only)
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Dates: 2010 - 2012

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DigitalGlobe Precision Aerial Imagery

DigitalGlobe’s Precision Aerial is delivering the industry's first high-quality, wall-to-wall collection of 30 cm natural color (RGB) and 60 cm color infrared (CIR) aerial orthomosaics covering the contiguous United States and Western Europe. Through agreements with Microsoft, premium quality imagery is being acquired and refreshed exclusively with the UltraCamG digital imaging technology to provide comprehensive coverage with industry-leading accuracy, quality and aesthetics. Initial coverage of the U.S. and Western Europe (over 10 million km2) will be completed by mid 2012. An additional 6 million km2 of refreshed coverage will be acquired in the following 30 months.

Unlike aggregated aerial imagery, Precision Aerial imagery is collected using a common sensor and platform at a uniform resolution with standard specifications. This gives users consistent country-wide/region-wide coverage making for easier integration and analysis. The Precision Aerial imagery set delivers highly accurate imagery for all manner of projects as well. Highly developed sites have an accuracy of 2.7 m RMSE while even the most rural place see accuracies of 5.3 m RMSE or better.

Precision Aerial relies on the proven UltraCamG digital imaging technology from Vexcel. The UltraCamG imaging system is specifically designed for collecting large image swaths with the highest consistency, accuracy and aesthetic quality. This data set is ideal for nearly any mapping, GIS, or planning project. There is not a more cost-effective or current seamless aerial data set available anywhere in the world.

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Pricing for this imagery varies based on the area size and usage. Please feel free to contact us or submit your area on line and we will contact you immediately with a quotation for your site.
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