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MapMart offers a wide range of digital mapping products from private as well as government sources. We strive to be the single source for geospatial data made available quickly and to exact specifications though our unique interactive map interface. Below is a listing of some of the major categories available for research on the site. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or if you do not see or are unsure of what data you need to complete your project.

Satellite Imagery

MapMart offers a variety of high, medium and low resolution satellite imagery datasets for nearly every location on the earth. Our unique interface allows you to submit your area of interest and get a comparison of all imagery including, date, price and resolution from each of the suppliers, now including the four newest and most highly-detailed commercial satellites currently in orbit. If the imagery is not available, not viable or not recent enough, MapMart can task any satellite to fulfill your project needs.

More Information about Satellite Imagery

Aerial Imagery

The MapMart Aerial Image Library covers all of the continental United States as well as a growing number if International locations. The imagery ranges in date from 1926 to the present day depending upon the location. Imagery can be requested and ordered by selecting an area on an interactive map or larger areas, such as cities or counties can be purchased in bundles. Many of the current digital datasets are available.

Digital Elevation Models

MapMart offers digital elevation models for the entire world, much of which is available for download within a few minutes after purchase. We are also partnered with public and private vendors who are creating datasets worldwide.

Topographical Maps

MapMart offers digital topographical maps for many countries around the world from a variety of sources. Coverage and scale vary from site to site, but submitting your area of interest on our interactive map allows us to locate the best available mapping for your area. Many digital maps are available for download within an hour or so after purchase.

Digital Street Maps

MapMart offers the most up-to-date version of the highly accurate and enhanced geocode BroadMap Street Data in MapConnect Enterprise. Layers include attributed streets, water, zip codes, government boundaries, points of interest and many more. DeLorme Street data for North America and the World are also street data options available.

Digital Vector Maps

MapMart offers a variety of vector line, polygon and point datasets for all areas of the world. This includes ZIP Code data, US Census boundary data, US Parcel data, the US Census Bureau TIGER data, USGS quad-derived line work, major world linear and point features and access to detailed international city mapping. All of these are formatted for use in common GIS software packages. Please submit the site you require using our interactive map or contact our customer support specialists.

Energy Data

MapMart now offers energy data sets, both renewable and traditional for download. The sets include data for the United States showing solar and wind information, crude oil data, electricity transmission, ethanol, biomass, geothermal, and even landfill information. These sets nicely complement MapMart’s existing data sets with great data specific to the energy and environmental industries.

Demographic Data

MapMart offers the latest United States demographics data created and maintained by EASI Demographics and formatted for use in ESRI, MapInfo, and Excel among others. The data can be obtained by custom areas, zip codes, counties or full states.

GIS Software

MapMart offers the latest versions of all of the commonly utilized software in the geospatial arena today. We are partnered with Esri, Pitney Bowes Business Insights (MapInfo Professional), LizardTech, Harris and Pictometry.

World Data By Country

This International section of our website allows customers to purchase world-wide datasets cut and trimmed to country borders. The data is generally small scale and includes imagery, mapping and elevation (DEM) sets for the entire country. After purchase, the information will be available within approximately one hour for FTP download.